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SourceDNA is an analytics service that has profiled the iOS and Android app stores. We use advanced computer science to understand the binary code in hundreds of thousands of top apps, revealing how they were built and who wrote them. SourceDNA operates the world's largest database of mobile app intelligence; our service knows more about apps than the app stores themselves.

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Platform Developers

SourceDNA has built the world's most complete picture of how developers use tools, SDKs and plugins to create the top-ranked iOS and Android apps, paid and free, worldwide.

Our Code Analytics customers harness that intelligence to make better decisions. They spot new competitors before the press does. They identify lucrative emerging markets. They detect trends among app developers before even the app stores do. They can do all this because our data is continuously updated and astonishingly deep, keeping them uncannily ahead of the mobile market.

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App Developers

SourceDNA continuously scans the latest iOS and Android apps, analyzing their structure and matching up their components against our huge collection of SDKs. We maintain the Internet's largest searchable database of mobile app intelligence.

Our App Optimization customers put this data to use to save time and money. They're constantly informed of the fastest-growing tools. They know which SDKs are trending up and which are being replaced. They know more about the state of the app stores than the app stores themselves.

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