Software Transparency
for developers & licensors

SourceDNA is a software similarity engine that enables companies that work with software to quickly identify code composition. SourceDNA works with binaries and source code simultaneously, across multiple platforms, and can be used immediately, without costly changes to the development cycle.

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Cluster visualization

SourceDNA helps you track and manage code assets
via software transparency.

Streamline Compliance

Without needing access to closely-guarded source code, SourceDNA allows licensors to perform continuous audits. SourceDNA can analyze any quantity of executables and gives deep insight into product composition. Track your code cross-platform, even when it is incorporated into mobile and embedded apps. SourceDNA makes licensors more responsive to customers and prospects, enabling new self-service packaging, licensing, and compliance programs.

Accelerate Due Diligence

SourceDNA automates and scales the manual work experts already perform during due diligence and litigation support. For pre-discovery, it gives deeper insight into the merits of a potential case. For M&A, it enables evaluation at an earlier stage than possible today. SourceDNA answers tactical and strategic questions using only compiled code across multiple platforms.

Safely Use Open Source

For development teams looking to leverage open source software, SourceDNA answers the logistical and legal challenges of shipping products built with third-party code. SourceDNA makes it easy to catalog GPL-encumbered software dependencies in shipping builds, even retroactively. And it does this with minimal configuration and no onsite software or appliance installation.

SourceDNA is easy to adopt.


SourceDNA works with the software you already provide your customers. It doesn't require you to upload your source code to a third party. Your data is protected, controlled, and monitored in an a modern and secure infrastructure.


SourceDNA works cross-platform and with multiple source languages. It can spot code included in iOS and Android apps, Windows software, and Linux services, using your existing build from a single platform as a reference. It is the most advanced system of its kind.


SourceDNA requires no installation or appliances. It's a web service designed to be useable by anyone who has a question about software composition. Organizations can start using it today without another complicated integration project.