The competition for app analytics has been heating up. In the past year, we’ve seen Google grow their analytics market share by bundling it with the Play Services SDK on Android. Flurry got acquired by Yahoo. And Twitter has now jumped in as well, in a big way.

Twitter acquired Crashlytics a few years ago. It wasn’t entirely clear what they planned to do, and then they acquired MoPub later that year. Our app store measurements showed Crashlytics had built a solid developer base, especially on iOS, compared to competitors like Hockey.

It turns out that Twitter had big ideas for developer tools. Last year, they launched Fabric, unifying Crashlytics and MoPub into a single solution. Developers could now find app performance issues and monetize their apps with a one-stop shop. They added Beta, Digits, and TwitterKit to round out the options.

The fastest-growing new component in Fabric is Answers. This analytics library is unified with Crashlytics. By bundling the SDK integration process via a slick IDE integration, Fabric has made it easy to drop select components into each app.

SourceDNA has seen Answers take off. This month’s data shows Answers grew out of nowhere to 30% of the iOS analytics market and 20% of the Google Play market. This puts them just a few apps behind Flurry on iOS and Android. While Flurry has been the market leader (especially on iOS), they may have reason to be concerned at this rapid change.

It’s clear that a novel integration strategy, bundling, and a useful product can still turn the app developer market upside down in a few months. This kind of rapid change is what we at SourceDNA find so fascinating, and we’ll keep bringing you deep insight into how developers are building their apps.