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Why us?

SourceDNA has built a searchable index of the code in millions of iOS and Android apps. Our technology alerts developers to hidden security flaws or compatibility problems in 3rd-party code they're using. It generates in-depth data on exactly how each app was built.

Our customers literally know more about the code in apps than the app stores themselves.

SourceDNA is a Y Combinator company with solid funding. You'll work with some of the brightest engineers who have built & secured systems like Blu-ray and smart phones. Since we're still an early stage startup, you will make a huge difference as we grow.

Front-End Engineer

We are seeking a front-end web developer to create a first-rate experience for our users.

You should combine strong usability instincts with modern, mobile-first development practices and a wide array of API integration experiences. You will help our customers discover new insights about how mobile apps are built, designing interactions and visualizations for them to explore, based on our massive index of app code.

You should have several years' experience with modular, framework-driven JavaScript development, CSS, automated testing, UX design and best practices. While we don't build mobile apps ourselves, awareness of iOS & Android development is certainly a plus.

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Customer Advocate

We have thousands of mobile developers using our service, and the rate of signups is growing quickly. We want your combination of tech and people skills to help our customers through the funnel.

If you have a technical background and are good at communicating with developers, we want to talk to you. You will be most effective if you genuinely want to help developers do well, can understand what problems they face (even if they aren't overtly telling you!), and know how to advocate on their behalf.

You will be the very first human interaction our customers have with us. This means answering pre-sales questions and helping us identify unnecessary points of friction in our customer acquisition process. If you are good at these things, want to experiment with ways of improving our conversion rate, and have an inquisitive mind, you will have an enormous impact here. This is a good chance to grow with a company and make a real difference for developers.

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