Our team


Nate Lawson


Nate has an extensive background in security and code analysis. Before SourceDNA, Nate founded Root Labs, which provides design and analysis services for embedded security and cryptography.

Previously, Nate co-developed the Blu-ray content protection layer known as BD+ while at Cryptography Research. The BD+ business was acquired by Macrovision for $45M+ and CRI itself was later acquired by Rambus for $340M. Nate was also the original developer of the ISS RealSecure network intrusion detection system. ISS was acquired by IBM for $1.3B.

Nate has contributed code to the FreeBSD operating system and has a passion for open-source software.

Michael Armida

Principal Engineer

Michael leads our technical team, from the frontend through the backend, the seen and unseen. He brings a high standard of quality to our codebase. He is also an excellent cyclist, roaming the whole Bay Area on two wheels.